“Enhancing Leadership Capabilities of
Progressive Managers”

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Contact Kushan on traninglinkinternational.
co or or +61416933599 at
any time and agree on programs and dates to suit your needs.  If contacted by email a response will be sent to you by Kushan or his wife Sherine within 24 hours.

Company Specific Programs: US $ 750 per day for 30 participants ($650 per day of an organisation commits for 3 days or more during the year 2019).

Five Day Overseas Programs in Malaysia or Thailand: US $ 1750 per participant excluding airfare and accommodation.

One Day and Two Day Programs – Sri Lanka

Six Day Professional Development Program – in Sri Lanka

Five Day Overseas Professional Development program
– in Malaysia and Thailand



25th March to 8th April 2019
24th June to 7 July 2019
16th to 29th September 2019
9th to 22 December 2019

One Day and Two Day (Activity Based) Training Programs
  1. Enhancing Leadership Skills
  2. Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence
  3. Facilitate Continous Improvement
  4. Building High Performance Teams
  5. Enhancing Your Training Skills (Train The Trainer)
  6. Creativity and Innovation In Business
  7. Ten Steps to Achieving Professional and Personal Success
  8. Developing Interpersonal Skills for Personal and Organisational Success
  9. Creative Problem Solving And Effective Decision Making For Continuous Improvement
  10. Quality Customer Service
  11. How to Maximise Your Sales Potential
  12. Attitude Development
  13. Time Management and Goal Setting
  14. Facing Change with Confidence
  15. Effective Communication
  16. Effective Telephone Techniques
  17. Personal Fulfillment‘Finding Your Purpose Of Life:A Guide To Personal Fulfilment’
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